Monday, 14 June 2010

The body in the garden (2)

This morning's Press and Journal carried the story of the body found at the bottom of my Dad's garden. But without adding much. Yes the body was found by the paper boy at 7.15 a.m. - about an hour before I arrived. The body has still not been identified. And the cause of death is being described as uncertain. Not suspicious, but equally not, so far, as natural causes.

Later in the day, I found out rather more. The deceased is Davy Leighton, a resident of the same sheltered housing complex in which my Dad lives. Indeed I have passed Davy Leighton's room each evening on my way to the guest room. As a further irony, I knew Davy Leighton from the time he was Secretary at Keith Golf Club. And had spoken to him when I was up in Keith at Easter.

The word in Keith is that he had been knocked down by a car on Friday morning but refused medical treatment. On Friday evening he went to the pub. And that is the last that is known until his body was found on Saturday morning. Presumably he collapsed on his way home on Friday evening. I left my Dad's house at about 10.45 pm on Friday. If I had been any later, I might have seen Davy Leighton returning home and might have been able to help.

It is all very sad. And a real example of how tenuous life can be.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The body in the garden

I am up in Scotland visiting my Dad who lives in sheltered accommodation in Keith, here in the North East. I am staying in the guest room in the main block.

This morning, as usual, I left the main block to go to my Dad's cottage for breakfast. When I got there, it was cordoned off with tape and the place was swarming with police. Immediate concern.

But I was eventually allowed to go through the police cordon. My Dad is okay.

But there is a body (I assume) at the end of his garden covered with a sheet. Difficult to just have breakfast.

Hey, this is Keith - these things do not happen here.

As the morning went on, we found out that the paper boy, having delivered the morning paper to my Dad, stumbled, almost literally, upon a body at the bottom of the garden. The police were called. And now there is huge activity, a tarpaulin sheet blocking the path at the bottom of the garden and a group of police officers all stating that they are unable to tell us what has happened. But apparently we will be told in due course. All very strange.

Now late afternoon, the body has been removed and the police have gone. We were not interviewed. Still no word about what has happened.

This afternoon I took my Dad to a concert in the main block for the residents. Part of the Keith Traditional Music Festival which is taking place this weekend. Strange to have this going on when someone has died just outside the window.

Still I guess we will find out what happened in the local press. Whatever it was, there was certainly a fatality and the deceased was presumably someone's friend, someone's relative. And someone is grieving.

The World Cup is going on, but I can't help thinking about the person who a few hours ago found themselves at the bottom of my Dad's garden and then died there. Of natural causes, I hope.

Whoever you are, Rest in Peace.