Friday, 17 July 2009

Lochnagar photos

I have put some photos of our Lochnagar climb here. And some below.

One of Scotland's top hill runners, Dario Malaragni, collaped and died on Lochnagar this week. A sad reminder that we must not push our bodies too hard. Thankfully we took the climb very slowly with a number of rest breaks. I was chuffed at getting to the top and a little bit emotional because of the place Lochnagar had within my family on my mother's side.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Well, we did it. On Saturday, four of us climbed Lochnagar. It was tough, especially the climb up the boulder-strewn area to the left of the cliffs. On the way down, the steep path towards Loch Muick was not easy and the long final walk back along the shores of Loch Muick with tired legs seemed to take an age.

The weather was fantastic - we couldn't have selected a better day. Unbroken sunshine, light breeze, excellent visibility. I enjoyed the company - Colin and Gordon spurred Andrew and I onwards and upwards.

And so I fulfilled a pledge to myself to climb the mountain that my mother and father had both climbed, as had my grandparents and many members of the previous generation of my family, due to the fact that they lived in the shadow of the mountain. At the summit, I did allow myself some time to reflect on the fact that my mother had stood here as a teenager seeing the same view that I was seeing.

I will post some photos in due course. Meanwhile here is a short film I took during the ascent.