Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Big Adventure - Week Seven :Queensland - Agnes Water and Peregian

Monday December 28th:
It was a long eight hour journey down the Bruce Highway.   Driving in Australia is tricky.   The roads have long, straight stretches, the speed limit is 100 km/hr, there is little traffic, the scenery seldom changes.  We out on the cruise control and there is little stimulation to the driving.   It is not surprising that there are so many accidents in Australia from drivers falling asleep.   But any way we arrived safely in Agnes Water.

Tuesday December 29th:
It rained for most of today.   We just chilled out in our room for much of the day, somewhat disappointed that the internet connection is so slow.

Wednesday December 30th:
This morning I decided to have 18 holes of golf at 1770 golf course.    It is a very tricky 9 hole course, and I hit a few balls into the woods and scrubland.  I was also somewhat taken aback when a very large lizard emerged from the undergrowth close to where I was about to hit a ball. 

  This afternoon we again went to the town beach for a couple of hours.  In the evening we had an excellent meal.

Thursday December 31st:
I had agreed to play in the weekly golf competition at 1770 golf course.   I played reasonably well and scored 30 points.  It was a fun day.   In particular, it was fun to see the kangaroos along the side of some of the holes. 


And so 2015 comes to a close.  It has been an excellent year in most respects.    We have travelled a lot, spent time in Indonesia, Spain, UK and now Australia.   We agreed to get married and had a superb wedding day.   We have, inevitably, lost a number of friends who passed away during the year.  That has been sad but also drives us to enjoy life while we still have energy and a modicum of brainpower.

Friday January 1st:
A new day and a new year.    In the past I have made many resolutions, some broken some partly kept.   I think this year I simply resolve two things -
1.  To be more aware.   Try not to lose things or forget things.  Keep focused.
2.  To live for the present moment.   To live each day in a new way.   To be where I am.  Be positive.

Today we left Agnes Water and drove down to Peregian Beach near Noosa.

Saturday January 2nd:
On a Saturday in April 1979, I stood at a street corner in Sydney rather nervously looking through the Sydney Morning Herald trying to find a room in which to stay.    I found a room in a house in Paddington with Marian and Julie.
Today, on a Saturday in 2016, some 36 years later, we met again with Marian and her husband Kenny, whom I also got to know in 1979, in their house near Brisbane.   It was great to see them after such a long gap.

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